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If your child is going to be away from school please either ring the school office or leave a message in the Pamapuria School Messenger app.

We do need to know the reason why your child is not at school so that it can be coded correctly on the school roll (this is a legal document that is required to be filled in correctly.)

Each morning we take the class roll and then it is sent to the office. Tina will contact any parents of children who are not present at school if we have not heard directly from you. This is a safety measure to ensure that all children who are sent to school make it here safely.


Here at Pamapuria School we use a reward system called "Blueys." Your child may receive a Bluey for displaying our school values of: Respect for myself, respect for others, respect for the environment.

A small piece of paper is filled in with your child's name and the reason they are being rewarded. Your child deposits their Bluey into their whanau group container in the office.

During our school assembly on Fridays five random Blueys are drawn and those children get to pick a prize. Their whanau group also get one point for each Bluey. All Blueys are kept for a big final draw on the last day of term where we have 10 more substantial prizes drawn.


Pamapuria School offers a bus service from Kaitaia Township out to Pamapuria. The pick up and drop off points are at:

  • Allen Bell Drive 8:05am

  • The Corner Dairy (Bonnets Rd) 8:15am

  • Kaitaia College 8:20am

  • Te Ahu (around the back of the building) 8:30am

We also have bus services that run to the following roads and drop off and pick up on the way.

  • Takahue

  • Fairburns

  • Victoria Valley

  • Diggers Valley

  • Snelgars Road

To find out the approximate time for pick ups and drop offs and to organise the closest bus stop please organise with Tina in the school office and she contact the bus drivers to get you further information.

If your child is not catching their regular bus or someone else is picking them up we require written confirmation (letter sent to school or a message sent to the school or class messenger chat groups) or a phone call to the office. If the school does not hear from an adult than the children are required to catch their usual bus.

In the afternoons each child is marked off on a bus roll as they get onto the bus.


Any items that are not named and left on the school grounds are kept for a short time on the pegs outside the sports shed (next to the pool.) They are then put in the lost property box that is locked inside the sports shed. Several times a term all lost property items are put out for the students to look through. At the end of the term all remaining items are disposed of.

Please ensure all of your child's personal items are clearly named so that they can be promptly returned.

I try to encourage the students to leave all belongings they may take off in breaks to remain in the classroom to prevent things being misplaced. I will endeavour to return all lost items.


At our school we also offer a breakfast club that includes cereal, tinned fruit, toast and baked beans. Students go to the school hall as soon as they arrive at school if they require breakfast. We are also part of the Fruit in Schools programme. Each child receives a piece of fruit or raw vegetable.

The Healthy School Lunches programme is operated in our kitchen with a good variety of lunches for all our students.

We get donations from KidsCan to provide healthy snacks and lunch for those who need it.


All students across the school are divided into five whanau groups. Each group has a colour associated with it. During the week the students can earn points for their whanau group by displaying our school values, good behaviour or finishing learning tasks.

At assembly the winning whanau group is announced and that group of children are rewarded (extra swim at lunchtime etc.). At the end of the term, the whanau group that has won the most times for that term get rewarded with a special lunch at school.

During the school year we have events (cross country etc) where the children are encouraged to dress in their whanau colours.